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D Dog Fan | November 10th, 2010

my-first-best-friend-ebookIf you had a dog when you were a child, you will want your own children to experience the same positive feelings and you will get your children a dog. If you did not, you just have to read My First Best Friend to find out what an amazing thing a dog can be in a child’s life. Not only does a dog teach children responsibility, but it also helps them develop a healthy personality and a balanced emotional life.

However, bringing a dog into the family is not always a smart thing to do. You need to make sure that both the children and the adult members of the family are ready for a furry friend, otherwise someone is likely to get disappointed over time. You also need to make sure that you are selecting the right breed and you are treating your dog in a way that guarantees your children’s safety.

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Potty Training Guide by Sharda

Big Dog | July 8th, 2010

The Complete Potty Training Guide

One of the first problems that usually occurs after having a new pet is housetraining it. It seems like Sharda Bakers knows something that we don’t – she promises to potty train our dog in just 7 days! She’s so confident that she’s ready to give back the whole price of the book, if the training wasn’t succesful!

The content of her e-book and audio package is based on real life experience, she had struggled as much with potty training as anyone else, and she summarized her experiences.

She promises that any kind of dogs can be housetrained in as short as 7 days. Go ahead and find out more about her secrects!

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4 Things You Should Know About German Shepherd

Big Dog | November 30th, 2011

German ShepherdFrom its name itself, the German shepherd breed’s original origin is Germany and it falls from the same family tree as the Doberman Pinschers, Affenpinscher, Miniature Pinscher and the Schnauzers – the giant, standard and the miniature. The appear in books as eary as 1884, back then it was called Smooth Haired Pinschers and a picture that was dated in 1780 has a dog that really looks like a German Shepherd.

This particular breed was almost put to extinction because of the adversity during the World War I and World War II; fortunately it was saved by Werner Jung, a German fancier. He was really dedicated to saving the German shepherd breed as he roamed around the entire Germany in 1958 to look for Pinschers on farms and even manage to smuggle a bitch in black and red color from the eastern part of Germany. Its quite amazing how the dogs he got from the farms, the bitches he smuggled and the 4 huge Miniature Pinschers was able to revive the breed and to think that that most of the German shepherd in the present era came from those dogs. So, much credit should be given to Werner Jung for a job well done.

Contrary to the popular notion that the German shepherd is a much smaller version of Doberman, it is actually a breed with longer and older history. This breed is indeed flexible dog – it was once a farm dog and ratter. At the present, the dog is just a companion dog at most part and shows dog.

During the latter part of 1970s and early 1980s, the first German shepherd dog came to the United States but it was only until the year 2003 when the American Kennel Club gives recognition to the dog and currently holds the position of 198th rank amongst the other registered dogs in AKC.

German Shepherd is a popular family dog

Big Dog | July 6th, 2011

German Shepherd Dog is one of the most popular dog breed for families. Usually these families want a dog that is primarily a smart watch dog and protection dog besides being good with all members of the family regardless of age. It is hard to think of another breed which would meet all of these requirements.

Here are just a few photos to prove how good family dogs they are!

German Shepherd puppies

German Shepherd puppies

German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd puppy

Is Saudi Arabia too hot for German Shepherds?

Big Dog | April 27th, 2011

This is a question that seems to interest a lot of people these days. It looks like more and more English speaking expats settle down in the middle east, including Saudi Arabia and many of them want to own dogs. The German Shepherd would be an obvious choice for most people since whatever a dog can do, the German Shepherd can do it. Guiding the blind, searching for survivors, investigating a  crime scene, guarding people or property, being an affectionate family member and paying special attention to children in the family – your German Shepherd can pull it off. But what if you want all this in Saudi Arabia, where the weather gets extremely hot at times. Can your German Shepherd survive such a climate?

The short answer is, yes it can! The German Shepherd is not becoming one of the most popular dog breeds in Saudi Arabia by accident. Even though the breed does have a double coat, they still do just fine in Saudi Arabia, as if their double coat actually helps them tolerate the heat. So if you are looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale in Saudi Arabia, don’t worry, just get a good hoover, as your German Shepherd will be shedding all year around.

The most famous German Shepherd

Big Dog | March 8th, 2011

The most famous and funniest appearance of the German Shepherd breed is in the film K-9 (1989), where a police dog, named Jerry Lee plays the leading role. ’His’ partner is Michael Dooley (James Belushi), who needs some help to find the drug dealer who tried to kill him before. Therefore a friend of Dooley gives him Jerry Lee, the specially trained dog to sniff drugs. This clever pet has a mind on his own and constantly causes troubles for Dooley by ruining his car, house and private life. This film was released 3 months before Turner&Hooch, that gained even bigger success than this film and has a very similar plot.

In real life the German Shepherd breed is a highly active and intelligent dog that is eager to learn and to please their master. They are very loyal and get on very well with younger children in the family. These dogs need early socialization and obedience training to overtake territorial problems later.

Do you know any other famous German Shepherd dogs? Post a comment with your story!

Is a German Shepherd a good choice for me?

Big Dog | October 28th, 2010

I would say yes, if you would like to have a highly intelligent, hard working and devoted, furry companion by your side. German Shepherds are courageous and energetic dogs that excel in herding, police work and rescue and they can also be a guide for blind people. If they are raised together with other pets and dogs, they can get on well in the future; otherwise they will only try to herd other animals and will never regard them as equal family members.

The coat of German Shepherds is a harsh, straight, thick double coat that causes continuous shedding with some heavier seasonal shedding. Therefore – mainly during seasonal shedding – they require daily brushing. This breed is prone to some health issues like hip dysplasia, allergies, epilepsy and digestive problems.

The training of this dog is relatively easy, as they are very clever and are able to learn quick, but they require a consistent and firm trainer. They will never respond to heavy-handed and harsh training methods. Early socialization and obedience training is a must for them.

All in all, the German Shepherd is a kind, playful and clever dog who needs an experienced dog owner who will be able to provide them with long, daily walks and family play sessions, as well as a large, securely fenced yard for activities.

I hope this article will help you decide whether German Shepherd is the best breed for you and for your family.

Factors To Consider When Picking Your Perfect Puppy

Big Dog | September 29th, 2010

If you are a dog owner, you probably remember the time you bought your first puppy. It is not easy to forget all the thinking, research, weighing pros and cons and the inevitable fear of not making the right decision when you buy a puppy.

If you are about to buy a puppy you are probably in the middle of this process and are reading an article that may save you a lot of hassle.

When it comes to making decisions that will effect our lives for more than a decade, we sometimes find that we just simply don’t have the intellectual capacity to consider every single factor that will influence the outcome. It is the same when buying a puppy.

Factors To Consider When Picking Your Perfect Puppy” does a great job at pointing out the most important aspects of making such a long term commitment. It is brief, easy to understand, gives you all the essentials in a nutshell and it is free to download and share.

Temperament of German Shepherds

Big Dog | September 10th, 2010

This working breed is a loyal and affectionate family friend. Being alert and fearless make them a perfect watchdog and protector. They are very intelligent, so they learn easily. One thing you have to pay attention to is that as German Shepherds are very social, it’s not recommended to leave them alone for a very long time, because it may cause beahvior problems.


German Shepherd’s coat: long?

Big Dog | August 25th, 2010

Yes, it can be. The German Shepherd’s coat can be medium-sized or long, but as the long-hair gene is recessive, they are quite rare.

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